Birkenstock Australia

Birkenstock Australia


What is your name, your job title and the name of your business? Tracey Ryan. I am the owner of Lyn Rose Boutique.

Where is your store located? - Leongatha, South Gippsland VIC.

How many people are in your team? - I have two casual staff members, plus myself. I work full-time.

When did you start/first get involved with your business and what has the journey been like? - Having worked in retail for a number of years, my dream was to own my own business. In 2016, Lyn Rose Boutique was created with the vision of providing women’s fashion, all ages and size inclusive and carefully selecting the right mix of brands. We have since evolved and grown, two years later with our boutique now online. This year saw us branching out and offering something for the men with RM Williams.

Why did you choose Birkenstock for your store? - Having a pair of Birkenstocks myself and knowing how fabulous they are. I wanted to purchase another pair but couldn’t find any locally. I just knew these would suit my boutique and offer comfort and style for everyone. Since then we have never looked back and now they are a sought after and sell out item and seem to be more popular each year.

What are your future plans/visions/ goals for your business? Growing our online store to match our retail store will be our focus this year. We also plan to continue our exceptional customer shopping experience for our local clientele, as well as those passing through South Gippsland.

What sets you apart from competitors? - At Lyn Rose Boutique we aim to treat all customers with care and attention. We dress people for fun times but also for hard times in their lives. It is a matter of listening to each customer and from there we find the right garment. Customers return time and time again, this is the reason why we started Lyn Rose Boutique.

What Birkenstock style do your customers most enquire about? - Our best selling Birkenstock style would be Arizona by far, followed by Mayari and then Gizeh.


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